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Asics sneakers womens sale Founded in 1949 in Kobe, Japan by Kihachiro Onitsuka, ASICS set out to make shoes through a health-focused lens. The name itself is an acronym of the Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano“, translating to “healthy mind in a healthy body”. The company made a technological leap at its outset and introduced a basketball sneaker in 1950, which would set itself apart from other shoe manufacturers who found difficulty in producing a quality basketball sneaker.

Asics sneakers mens white Whether you run every day or simply enjoy half an hour on treadmill, the GEL-DS TRAINER® OG model is packed full of innovative technology that aids you with each step. First launched in 1995, this featherweight running shoe built for race days and high-mileage runners. Start training in this lace-up style and prepare yourself to go long distances with less protection. From the GEL® technology cushioning to the flexible DUOSOLE® technology, these are the perfect choice to take from the treadmill to the track.

Asics sneakers shop online Asics and Bangkok sneaker boutique Carnival team up for a collaborative take on the Gel-DS Trainer. The Gel-DS Trainer was introduced as lightweight, racing shoe for serious runners who logged heavy training miles as a matter of routine. While running is certainly a worthwhile physical pursuit, Carnival's take on the Gel-DS Trainer is inspired by a discipline where terms like foot strike and impact have a more intense meaning, Thailand's national combat sport, Muay Thai.

Asics Gel-DS Trainer OG Grey ASICS’ many forthcoming iterations may ride off the backs of retro toolings, taking to the nostalgic air much like the rerelease of the Kayano 5 OG. Though the GEL-DS Trainer preceded the aforementioned model, it never quite got the praise it deserved, though that may begin to change as the Japanese footwear label is ushering in two schemes that exude vintage in their every dye. One opts for a palette more neutral, with grey overtaking the majority of the upper while saturated purples and blues dose in that need for 90s color.

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